The White Orchid


The White Orchid is an American movie that was released in the year 1954. The movie was directed by Reginald LeBorg and starred William Lundigan, Peggie Castle


A reporter, Robert Burton, hears tell of a primitive, hidden Mexico civilization where little has changed in hundreds of years. He is given an assignment to find it, but disappointed that the editor is also sending Kathryn Williams, a photographer. Robert fears it will be too dangerous an expedition for a woman.
Together they go to a fiesta, where they seek out bean plantation owner Juan Cervantes for his knowledge of the forbidden city. He declines to help, not wishing to offend the natives there, but is smitten with Kathryn and invites her to the plantation. Kathryn lies to Robert, telling him Juan has agreed to guide them to the hidden civilization.
Lupita, the sweetheart of Juan, is jealous of his obvious interest in the photographer. She warns Juan that the woman will be the death of him. Juan nevertheless is talked into taking Kathryn and Robert where they wish to go. He demands that no weapon be taken, but Robert conceals a small gun and uses it to shoot a wild animal about to attack Kathryn.
The natives ultimately take the three intruders to the hidden village at spear point. Kathryn is to become a human sacrifice atop a great pyramid. Robert and Juan free themselves from their bonds and flee with Kathryn, and in the end, to distract the natives, Juan shoots off a gun, revealing his whereabouts. He sacrifices his own life so that the others can escape.

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