The Restless Spirit


The Restless Spirit is an American movie that was released in the year 1913. The movie was directed by Allan Dwan and starred J. Warren Kerrigan, Pauline Bush


The film begins with the Dreamer, a restless and disappointed dreamer who has a wife and child. He gazes at his hands and dreams of becoming a conqueror, but laments that no chance comes to him and continues to dream. The Dreamer becomes the subject of ridicule and his wife becomes the subject of pity by the community. The Dreamer decides enter the world of men and abandons his wife leaving her to seek refuge in her father. Her father wishes for her to marry a wealthy gentleman who is also a stranger in the town. The Dreamer heads into the desert and wanders until exhaustion takes its toll. A woman, “The Desert Flower”, finds him and takes him to her hut in the desert. There the woman spends her time looking over the garments of the man who courted her, the same stranger now attempting to marry the Dreamer’s wife. The woman learns of the Dreamer’s story and shows the dreamer the futility of conquering worlds unknown when he cannot conquer his own small corner of the world.[1] The Dreamer sees himself in the roles of great conquerors, but each vision ends with death. The Dreamer’s wife has been kicked out for refusing to marry the stranger, and is reunited with the Dreamer on the edge of the desert. The stranger is sent out into the desert and the Dreamer and his wife return to the town. In time, the Dreamer becomes respected by the community.[2]

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