The Quakeress


The Quakeress is an American movie that was released in the year 1913. The movie was directed by Raymond B. West and starred Louise Glaum


The setting is an early American village, where a young Quaker woman, Priscilla (played by Glaum), is in love with the schoolmaster, John Hart (played by Ray). The local minister, Rev. Cole (played by Taylor), who calls on her at her cabin with flowers, is an unwelcome suitor. In revenge, he has “blue laws” passed, among them is one requiring attendance at church on Sunday.
Priscilla refuses to comply with the law and is arrested. After being plunged in and out of water and pilloried, she is banished from the colony. John goes with her. They are attacked by Indians and John is badly wounded. Priscilla manages to get back to the village in time to warn the Puritans of an impending attack. They defeat the Indians after a desperate battle.
The Rev. Cole, who has been mortally wounded, begs Priscilla’s forgiveness and the Puritans make amends for their harsh treatment of her.[1]

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