The Land Beyond the Sunset


The Land Beyond the Sunset is an American movie that was released in the year 1912. The movie was directed by Harold M. Shaw and starred Martin Fuller, Mrs. William Bechtel, Walter Edwin, Bigelow Cooper


Joe is an impoverished New York newsboy who lives with his abusive grandmother. While selling papers, he is given a ticket for a children’s excursion sponsored by the Fresh Air Fund.
The next morning, Joe sneaks out of his tenement home to join the excursion, where he sees the countryside and the ocean for the first time. After a picnic, an adult volunteer reads the children a story about a young prince who is beaten by an old witch. A group of fairies rescue the boy, take him to a boat, and sail off for “the Land Beyond the Sunset, where he lived happily ever after.” Joe imagines himself as the boy in the story.
When the group returns to the city, Joe stays behind because he is afraid of his grandmother. He wanders to the beach, where he finds a rowboat and decides to go to the Land Beyond the Sunset himself. He pushes the boat into the water and climbs in. The film ends with a long shot of Joe drifting out to sea.

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