The Escape


The Escape is an American movie that was released in the year 1914. The movie was directed by D. W. Griffith and starred Donald Crisp, Blanche Sweet, Mae Marsh


The film begins with a short prologue explaining the science of Eugenics; contrasting the careful selection observed in the animal world with the less predictable breeding habits of humans. This is illustrated by the story of the Joyce family, headed by Jim Joyce (Turner), a cruel and senseless man. Joyce’s son Larry (Harron) is by nature a sensitive kid, but Jim Joyce turns him into a heartless monster, strangling a cat as a sort of coming of age ritual.
Larry Joyce contracts a case of syphilis, and seeks out treatment from Doctor Von Eiden (Moore), who also takes a keen interest in Larry’s sister May (Sweet). Von Eiden encourages May to make a break with her family, and she succeeds. However she is unable to find employment and enters into a relationship with a wealthy senator (Lewis) as a kept woman. While May will not marry the Senator, her sister Jennie (Marsh) does marry a man named “Bull” McGee (Crisp), an abusive lout just like her father.
Their infant child is killed when McGee trips over its cradle in a drunken stupor, and Jennie becomes delusional, endlessly rocking the cradle with a doll inside. McGee is repulsed by her condition and puts Jennie away quietly through selling her into prostitution. May manages to wrest Jennie away from this peril, but Jennie expires soon after. Von Eiden, however, has managed to restore Larry’s original sensitivity through a surgical procedure; May has broken off the relationship with the Senator and agrees to marry Von Eiden.

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