The Battle of the Sexes


The Battle of the Sexes is an American movie that was released in the year 1928. The movie was directed by D. W. Griffith and starred Jean Hersholt, Phyllis Haver


Marie Skinner (Phyllis Haver) is a gold digger with her hooks out for devoted middle-aged family man J.C. Judson (Jean Hersholt), a portly real estate tycoon, who falls for her when she contrives to meet him. When his wife (Belle Bennett) and grown children, Ruth (Sally O’Neil) and Billy (William Bakewell) discover him dancing with Marie at a nightclub, J.C. leaves home the next day. Ruth seeks out Marie to shoot her, but is interrupted by Marie’s boyfriend, jazz hound Babe Winsor (Don Alvarado), who takes a shine to her. When Judson walks in on them he condemns her licentiousness, but is forced to face his double standard when he witnesses a violent argument between Marie and Babe. Full of contrition, J.C. returns to home and hearth and the bosom of his loving family.[5][6][7]

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