Sweet and Low


Sweet and Low is an American movie that was released in the year 1914. The movie was directed by William Desmond Taylor and starred William Garwood, Harry von Meter


Sad, lonely and unhappy, an old man sits in a city park, thinking about the past. A little girl comes up to him and takes his hand, asking him what is making him so sad. The child reminds him of his own lost little girl and the times of the past begin to flow through his memory. He had a happy life with a loving wife and baby daughter. But he wanted to give them more, so he headed West to the gold fields. The work was long and hard; he was able to keep going with the thought of what he could do for his wife and child. As he worked, he often recalled his wife singing Sweet and Low to their small daughter. After he had made his fortune, he headed home to his loved ones. When he arrived there, he found that his wife had died; his young daughter was considered orphaned after her death and was sent for adoption. He tried in vain to locate his daughter.[4][6][7]
The pain of his memories shows on his face and the little girl is understanding; she climbs onto the park bench and hugs the old man to try to make him feel better. She then asks him to come with her because she lives just across the street. When they arrive at the house, he hears a woman singing Sweet and Low; it is all too much for him and he falls down on the porch. The little girl’s mother comes to help him inside to a chair. After he enters the home, he realizes this woman is the image of his wife, Margaret and after all these years, he has finally found his daughter.[4][6][7]

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