Should a Woman Divorce?


Should a Woman Divorce? is an American movie that was released in the year 1914. The movie was directed by Edwin McKim and starred Lea Leland, Leonid Samoloff


Grace Roberts (played by Lea Leland), marries rancher Edward Smith, who is revealed to be a neglectful, vice-ridden spouse. They have a daughter, Vivian. Dr. Franklin (Leonid Samoloff) whisks Grace away from this unhappy life, and they move to New York under aliases, pretending to be married (since surely Smith would not agree to a divorce). Grace and Franklin have a son, Walter (Milton S. Gould). Vivian gets sick, however, and Grace and Franklin return to save her. Somehow this reunion, as Smith had assumed Grace to be dead, causes the death of Franklin. This plot device frees Grace to return to her father’s farm with both children.[1]

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