Making a Living


Making a Living is an American movie that was released in the year 1914. The movie was directed by Henry Lehrman and starred Charlie Chaplin, Virginia Kirtley, Alice Davenport


Chaplin’s character attempts to convince a passerby (director Henry Lehrman) to give him money. Chaplin is then shown flirting with a woman and proposes to her, which she accepts. Lehrman enters to present the woman with flowers and a ring, which the woman refuses citing she’s engaged. Lerhman sees Chaplin and a slapstick fight between the two ensues. Later, Lehrman’s character takes a photograph of an automobile accident; Chaplin’s character steals the camera whilst the journalist is helping a trapped motorist and rushes back to the paper with it to claim the photograph as his own. A short pursuit with the Keystone Kops follows.[2]

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