Hemlock Hoax, the Detective


Hemlock Hoax, the Detective is an American movie that was released in the year 1910. The movie was directed by Unknown and starred


Hemlock Hoax is a detective who has little respect in the small tropical town where he lives, despite the fact that he thinks he is a better sleuth than Sherlock Holmes. A pair of boys decide to play a trick on Hoax and tell him about a murder. Hoax rushes to scene of the crime where he discovers a shred of cloth, later finding that a tramp is wearing the same type of clothes that he found. The tramp runs away and Hoax gives chase, with other people helping the pursuit. Eventually, Hoax captures the tramp with the aid of a police officer, and returns to the victim’s body with the man. Hoax then comes to a realization that the body was just a dummy that had been stuffed with the leaves. The crowd has a laugh at Hoax’s expense while the two boys are punished.[1]

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