For Her Sake


For Her Sake is an American movie that was released in the year 1911. The movie was directed by Unknown and starred William Garwood


The film is a period drama taking place right before the start of the American Civil War. A young Southern girl chooses between two suitors. She chooses the man who goes to fight Stars and Bars of the Confederacy whilst the rejected suitor goes to fight for the Union. During the war, the Confederate soldier is captured and brought before the Union officer who recognizes him as his rival. The Union man is cruel to his rival and tries to break his spirit with harsh treatment. The girl hears of his plight and becomes determined to rescue him. She evades the guards and gives her lover a file to free himself from the bars. Together they flee and are discovered in the final moments of their escape. One of the sentries shoots at the man, but his shot misses and the two flee on horseback.[1] The Union officer is enraged by the escape and tracks the pair to the girl’s home just over the Federal line. He sets up guards around the house and enters alone to take them prisoner by his own hand. He makes his way through the house and breaks down the doors to find the man he wants. Upon finding the man, he does not arrest him – for the Confederate soldier is grief-stricken and bending over the body of his fiancĂ©e. The bullet the sentry shot at him instead took her life. Together the two rivals mourn her death, and the Union officer leaves without arresting his rival – for her sake.[1]

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